Welcome to WOOK-LP!

What We Do

WOOK-LP was started with the greater DC community in mind. Among the radio stations operating in the city-state, the everyday, working-class person is not afforded the opportunity to participate in the realm of the communication arts... we've found a way!

Right Now...

WOOK-LP is playing some of your favorite Christmas and Holiday Season R&B of all time!!! We've pre-empted of regularly scheduled programming to comfort your seasonal log on anytime between midnight December 24th-New Year's Day! Make sure you download the Tune-In app to listen to us on the go!!!

Why We're Doin' It
Community Is #1

Our radio station is designed to include radio pros as well as novices; those who have worked behind the mic and those who just want to know how...

To fulfill that grand task, we need resources—like you! Every dollar you contribute to WOOK will be used to, not only get your name in the ears of DC residents, but help train and refine new radio/media industry professionals...

    We teach the radio/media arts:
  • on-air presence
  • studio engineering
  • production editing
  • research and vetting skills
  • station governance

S7 staff gives a huge thank you to WOOK's interns for the summer of 2015: Al Murdock, Kamaria Johnson, Cameron Cunningham, Khalil Brown and Modesto Gomez...learning the principles of audio production and studio engineering!